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Jamie Bamber at Comic Con

I'll update this post as the day goes on, but I figured I'd go ahead and post the information that is starting to trickle in. In addition to promoting Pulse 2: Afterlife, Jamie did attend the Battlestar Galactica panel this afternoon. It doesn't seem that any spoilers were discussed during the panel so assume all reports are safe.

The Futon Critic's recap.

io9's even better recap. My favorite part of the recap:
Jamie Bamber admitted that Apollo had taken on the traditionally female role in the series, and kept having to be rescued by Starbuck, to which Sackhoff told him that it was okay; he should just sit there and look pretty instead of worrying.

io9 also has a brief interview with David Eick and several of the cast members. About Jamie's involvement in a possible BSG movie:
Lee Adama actor Jamie Bamber says it's "highly unlikely" that he would be in the TV movie, now that he's starring in Law And Order: UK. "I don't think the story is intended to be a Lee story anyway, from what i know." He wouldn't mind going back and reprising the role of Lee, but he feels like the show has ended well and he won't lose any sleep if he never plays Apollo again.

The Zap2It Recap. This includes a pretty detailed description of the 4.5 promo shown so beware of spoilers.

Entertainment Weekly - nothing that isn't in the other recaps. Again, they discuss parts of the promo.

TV Verdict will be posting their interview with Jamie tomorrow, however the interviewer posted some comments about the interview to Twitter:
The full interview including a post mortem on BSG and a compelling new TV project that will take him back to London will be posted Sunday. about 7 hours ago

And explores the impact on a man and his family trying survive in this tech-twisted world. about 7 hours ago

Jamie's new film Pulse: Afterlife picks up the themes laid out by Kyoshi Kurasawa's Pulse (not the American version). about 7 hours ago

Just finished interviewing Jamie Bamber. about 7 hours ago

Over on the SciFi forum, Scarbuck was able to snap a photo of Jamie at the Genius Products booth. The photo can be found on page 4 of the Comic Con thread. In that same thread proggrrl reports on a text message she received about a bit of Season 4.5 footage shown before the BSG panel. It is a bit spoilery, but she whites out the text so don't fear being accidentally spoiled.
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