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More Jamie at Comic Con

Or at least more links. :)

From the SciFi Forum:

CylonRomo has been blogging about the convention all weekend and has some photos of the BSG panel here.

A couple of photos of Jamie posted by NicoletheCylon here and some of the BSG panel here.

From LJ:

withaterrace has posted her con report with photos.

own_the_sky has also posted a report with photos.

ispeaknerd also has some pics.

dianora2 snapped a picture at the 'Pulse 2' signing and promised more photos later.

dryope has posted photos from the Entertainment Weekly/Sci Fi Celebrates Comic Con party. Including this one:

From around the net:

Comicmix.con has a very brief interview with Jamie. It starts at around the 25:45 mark and ends at the 27:00 mark. Comicmix will also post video from the BSG panel within the next few days.

The LA Times Blog has a non-spoilery recap of the BSG panel.
Jamie Bamber on going from flight suit to fashion suit: "It was a breath of fresh air to be a catalog model for a bit."

IGN and /film both recap, in detail, the Season 4.5 promo. If you are into spoilers, it's interesting reading. And /film highlights a Lee moment I haven't seen anyone else point out.

ETA: Hey, I have a couple of exclusive pics! Courtesy of lily_lemony. She snapped some photos of Jamie at the autograph signing for the comm. A Big Thank You! The photos can be found here and here. And we can see he was signing the Pulse 2 promo photo.

I also just stumbled upon this lovely black and white photo taken by Jennerator.

The TV Verdict interview appears to be delayed. And nothing on You Tube yet.
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