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The First Evil

A Few More Comic Con links

Sci Fi Wire has a brief write up regarding the final episodes. David Eick discusses that they have talked Sci Fi into allowing them to air longer episodes. And here's a quote from Jamie I hadn't seen previously:
"like all good endings, ... sort of ties [into] the beginning. ... It's like a great piece of music where all the strains and all the melodies that you've had so far come and are referred to in the end. And there is a new beginning as well. ... The same for Lee. It's an ending and a beginning, and it's sublime."

Some more pictures via Flickr:

Irulan_amy has posted posted some great photos from the 'Pulse 2' signing.

Cheshire Monkey posts some pics from the BSG panel.

And Scarbuck posts posts some awesome pictures of Jamie and the rest of the BSG cast.
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