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As many of you know, the BSG Wrap Party video was leaked this weekend. The video - and images from the video - quickly spread. And since it was 'out there' I reposted links and images. Since then, I've been in contact with the photographer of the still images of the cast and crew used in the video. He politely asked me to remove all links from this site, which I have done. The video was never intended for public viewing, but something special for the cast and crew. I've explained no harm was ever meant in posting the video and caps, but I certainly understand where he is coming from. No one likes to see their work reposted without permission.

I'm posting this message now for two reasons. One, that perhaps others will either delete or at least lock their posts to stop the spread of the work. And, secondly, that, with some luck and Jamie's permission, we could see some new photos of him posted in the future.

I also have a tiny bit of information regarding Jamie's upcoming convention appearances. Jamie has definitely canceled his appearance at Dragon Con and has no current plans to attend. He is still scheduled for Fan Expo as of today, but, like DC a couple weeks ago, it is tenuous. My guess is that his appearance there depends on when he has to move.
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