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The First Evil

'Law & Order: London' Updated Casting News is referring to the series as Law & Order: UK, but I'm sticking with Law & Order: London until I see the producers or stars refer to the 'UK' title.

Ww finally have a name for Jamie's character! And I love the character description. ;)

Bradley Walsh is DS Ronnie Brooks, a real East End, copper’s copper, friend and partner to the charming DS Matt Devlin, Jamie Bamber whose approach to policing is part seduction part force. Both report to DI Natalie Chandler (Harriet Walter) a working mum who would back them to the end.

While the CPS team comprises Freema Agyeman as hard working, strong-willed young prosecutor Alesha Phillips; Ben Daniels as dedicated Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel, a man on a mission for justice; and Bill Paterson as their respected boss CPS director George Castle, a man trying to balance his ideals with the bigger picture.

ITV Director of Drama, Laura Mackie says: “Kudos have put together the perfect cast to deliver a quintessentially modern British take on a highly successful crime format. The breadth of the acting talent involved will build on the strength of Chris Chibnall’s lively and complex scripts.

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