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Jamie Bamber Cast in New ITV Series "Marcella"

Laura Carmichael and Jamie at the table read for "Marcella"

Terrific news today - or yesterday, depending on your time zone ;) - Jamie is set to star in ITV's new drama, Marcella. You can check out the full press release (and more photos) at the ITV Press Centre. Just a few of Jamie's co-stars will include series lead Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies), Laura Carmichael (Downton Abbey) and Harry Lloyd (Game of Thrones). And the exceptional behind the scenes talent includes individuals who have worked on Broadchurch, Wallander and Law & Order: UK.

Filming is set to begin later this month in and around London. And thanks to the photos we know Jamie will be playing DI Tim Williamson. Below is a short plot description of the eight part series. For all the plot details ITV is willing to share, again, click on the ITV link above.

Set in contemporary London with a British Metropolitan Police Detective at its heart, Marcella is noir thriller told with Rosenfeldt’s unflinchingly multi layered Nordic style. Marcella’s 8 x 60’ episodes will lead the audience through a narrative maze where any character could be a witness, victim or potential suspect. Marcella will get involved in a serial murder case where the modus operandi of the killer bares a striking resemblance to an unsolved spate of killings from a decade ago.

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Dragon Con 2015: BSG Panel Photos + NCIS News

Hellooooo everyone!

Apologies for the delay in getting these up, career girl stuffs has been dominating a lot of my time lately. :)  Plus, admittedly, I left my camera at work last weekend (d'oh!) which held things up slightly!

I've gone ahead and uploaded over 200 photos from the four BSG panels at this year's Dragon Con into the JBN Photobucket gallery; asta77 and I were able to get into all four panels, though man it required some early queueing. It's wonderful to see BSG still such an in-demand franchise at the con this many years since the finale aired. (Of course, they had a very special draw this year; it was Grace Park's first convention appearance in FOR. EVER.)

Also, apologies that there are so few pix from the last panel; my camera batteries started to die and I didn't have a spare on me! (That, and tbh I was getting frustrated with the lighting in the Hyatt; it's horrifically harsh. The first panel at the Marriott are all the pix with the good lighting, you'll probably notice the difference!)

Here are some of the highlights; Click here to visit the Photobucket gallery for everything!:

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asta77 shot video, which I'm sure she'll be posting soon; there is actually video already up on YouTube of every panel, but I'm pretty confident her camera work is better. :)

ALSO: We tweeted about this, but the main news out of the con is that Jamie will be back on NCIS next season; he was actually headed to LA to do some filming right after he left Atlanta. No news on the indie film releases he's got coming up but there are FOUR of them, so... hopefully soon!

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Jamie Bamber to Guest on 'Major Crimes'! Plus New Movie News, More...

Admittedly, we could have posted earlier with some of this but we were waiting to see if any additional pics or, hopefully, videos turned up from Jamie's appearance at Omaha Comic-Con this past weekend. No video! (yet), but a couple of panel pics you see above turned up on Instagram.

— It's a good thing we waited though as some VERY fun news just hit tonight: Jamie will be guest-starring on Madame President's turf! ;)  Both MajorCrimesTV and Mary McDonnell herself tweeted about it tonight: Jamie will appear in Major Crimes' third episode of Season 4, scheduled to air June 22nd; he'll play "a pompous celebrity photographer with boundary issues" (*snerk*) according to MajorCrimesTV, although they mention an episode description they don't list all of it. (The episode descrip is NOT on Turner's press site yet, so we don't know the episode title or any other info. More as we get it!)

— In addition to that TV scoop, things are afoot in The Messengers land; although the show has been officially cancelled by The CW, all 13 episodes will air and Jamie's debut as Vincent Plowman is coming up. When, though, exactly, remains... somewhat confusing. Jamie and Riley Smith, who plays his brother, don't turn up on any of the episode press releases until the one for 1x10, entitled "Why We Fight" which is set to air on June 19th. However, showrunner Eoghan O'Donnell tweeted this out:

...sooooo? (Actually TBH, the photos released for this Friday's episode kind of contain a hint as to what this "sneak peek" might entail, if you've read the character descrips. i.e. it's not huge, but still. Once we get actual pics, we'll post.)

— Lastly, in the lead up to his con appearance last week, Jamie was shooting yet another role in an indie feature; this time it's a film called Modern Love which, according to director Nathan Ives, "follows five couples, all staying in the same hotel, around Christmas." And that's about all we know at this point, other than Jamie's storyline is with actress Linda Park. (Jamie - SHOCKER! - has tweeted nothing so far. ;) ) The film also features Ross McCall, Tracie Thoms, Lee Meriweather (OMFG CATWOMAN!!) and others. Oh, and we DO have a couple of pics from set:

(Both photos by Nathan Ives)
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News Update: Jamie Bamber Back on NCIS, Dragon*Con Announced & More

Hello! Apologies for the lack of updates lately; it's been a very hectic several weeks for myself and asta77 both. Sometimes, real life really gets aggressive for attention. :P  So here's a news roundup... but first, have a great pic of Jamie and a Dalek (?!) at this past week's BAFTA Brit Week event in LA:

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Now in the news:

- Jamie's back on NCIS THIS WEEK! Here's the episode description:

“Troll” – Special Agent Ned Dorneget from NCIS cyber operations assists the team when a Navy ensign who worked in the Office of Naval Intelligence is murdered. Also, the team discovers that Jake and Gibbs have become good friends, on NCIS, Tuesday, April 28 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Matt Jones returns as NCIS Special Agent Ned Dorneget and Jamie Bamber returns as NSA Attorney Jake Malloy.

We'll post up an episode discussion thread on Tuesday.

- Also The Messengers has begun on The CW; it airs Fridays at 9, and  if you want to catch up so far, episodes are also available to stream on Hulu Plus. We do not have episode titles or airdates for Jamie's appearances at Vincent Plowman yet, but he told someone in a podcast this past month that his episodes will air later in the season.

- Oh, and Jamie did some interviews because John Doe: Vigilante is now out on DVD in the U.S.! The real draw here is the commentary tracks; the filmmakers have one, and there is an entire track that is Jamie alone. When has this EVER happened?! It hasn't. (I plan on listening to it later today myself ;) )

- Jamie will be back at DragonCon this year! The con is September 4-7 in Atlanta; of the BSG cast, so far James Callis and Eddie Olmos are also confirmed.  Of course the caveat that we always post for any of Jamie's convention appearances: They are subject to change if he books a show, or a film, etc.  As of right now though, he's on the guest list. :)

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'The Better Half' w/ Jamie Bamber & Kathleen Rose Perkins: Official Site, Facebook and Twitter Launc

(Jamie Bamber & Justin Lieberman; via Facebook)

Not much major news to announce, but in a sign that points to more major news coming soon (hopefully): Jamie’s upcoming indie comedy The Better Half, in which he plays the husband of Kathleen Rose Perkins’s lead character, now has an official website as well as a Facebook page full of behind the scenes images (we’ve included four featuring Jamie here.)

There’s also a Twitter account that is probably worth following; no information on a release date or a trailer but there are random postings here and there about interviews with the cast coming soon, etc., so hopefully it won’t be too far off.

(Also of note: These pages all feature the poster art which asta77 and myself noticed on IMDb a while back; said poster art also lists Jamie as having an executive producer’s credit. O_O What that entails is anyone’s guess, as an exec producer’s involvement can be rather wide ranging depending on a variety of things, but still…. worth pointing out!)

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"Before I Sleep" Now Available On iTunes, Cable On Demand in U.S.


SURPRISE! I mean, you should be surprised... we certainly were to discover that Before I Sleep, without so much as a peep from its distributor (Indican Pictures) was listed on iTunes last week as being released March 3rd. We were able to confirm independently that yes, it would be out this month, but that it might be later... or, you know, if there would be any other platforms in particular? So asta77 and myself sort of sat on it until we had something to go on.

Well, happily we can report that as of today, the film is available on iTunes, as a purchase.

It is also available as an On Demand rental from DirectTV, Comcast XInfinity, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable. If anyone else can report additional cable VOD carriers that have it, please post in the comments and we'll update the list!
(Regarding non-U.S. venues: no idea, although if anyone hears a peep please let us know.)

UPDATE! (3/5/15): The film is also available on Amazon Instant Video, to buy or rent.

As for the film itself? Please feel free to discuss in the comments below once you've seen it; I probably won't get a chance to do so for a couple of days yet. It does look like a fairly interesting, subdued character piece, I'll throw some reactions in later.  (I did scrub through enough to grab one screenshot just for this post, as a function of reminding you all that Jamie's part in this is very small... though he does look like this, so do with that what you will. ;) )

Jamie B&W - Dennys
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Jamie Bamber Starring in the Film 'Numb'


Last week, we saw some Twitter chatter indicating Jamie was to be in a new film entitled Numb. With not much to report beyond the title and filming set to begin in British Columbia, we opted to hold off posting until we knew more. So what we know as of Day 2 of the eighteen day shoot?

Numb doesn't have an official site, yet, but the production company, Jenkinson/Goode Productions, has some information on it's Percolating Page including a brief synopsis of the film:

When a debt-ridden couple discover a map that promises to lead to a fortune in stolen gold they partner with a pair of mysterious hitchhikers to enter the remote winter wilderness and recover the coins.

Starring alongside Jamie are some faces that are likely familiar to genre fans: Marie Avgeropolous and Aleks Paunovic from The 100 and Stargate franchise vets Colin Cunningham and Paul McGillion. On a side note, given how many BSG actors have appeared on The 100, Jamie should have stories to share with his new co-stars. ;)

If you want daily updates - and, thus far, they are doing a really good job of posting photos from set - here are some accounts to follow:

On Twitter: @Numb_movie and director Jason Goode, @JasonRGoode
On Facebook: Numb

And speaking of on set photos! We shall close we a couple featuring Jamie from the first day of filming. Hopefully, we'll have more details soon, including the official press release.

Numb Day 1

Numb Day 1 bts
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'Rizzoli & Isles' Episode 5x13, "Bridge to Tomorrow" - Discussion Thread

(Photo by Doug Hyun © TNT)

Here it is! The second half of the Rizzoli & Isles two-parter in which we last saw Philandering Lawyer!Bamber having taken a nose-dive off a bridge (Okay, fine, he kind of just slipped... ), and Jane dove in after him. Whatever will happen next?! Well, given the promo image (see above), we know they both survive... the question is how will the murder mystery of his mistress shake out? ( A. His wife did it, or B. someone actually surprising did it, which seems unlikely as we have been introduced to no other logical suspects. ;) But you never know....)

Swing by here after the episode airs tonight (9PM, 8PM Central on TNT);  to post your thoughts in the comments below!...
Jamie Fave Shot - Dennys
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Discussion Thread for NCIS Episode 12x14: "Cadence"

Since CBS didn't release any new promo shots of Jamie (Boo! Hiss!), I had to borrow an image from Jamie's last NCIS appearance. But, given a scene that takes place in he middle of the episode, it seems appropriate. Now, I shall refrain from continuing to blather on and just say come forth and discuss!

Update: A couple of quick screencaps courtesy of zegeekgirl. :) Collapse )