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'John Doe: Vigilante' U.S. Home Video Release on April 14th!

Photo by Dennys Ilic

FINALLY!: The film's official website continues to say "Coming Soon to DVD & VOD", but as of today Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Best Buy are all listing John Doe: Vigilante's home video release date as April 14th! (Canadian folks: You should be able to purchase this R1 release, too.) Anyone who didn't get to hear Jamie's Aussie accent during the brief time it was in (very, very few) theatres, now is your chance. ;) There is no corresponding release date for On Demand, yet, but it shouldn't be too far off from that date; we'll keep you posted over on Twitter.

(Quick Reminder: For folks in Europe, the film has been available for several months now; has both DVD and BluRay options via local sellers.)

Click the three sellers' links above to go to each site to pre-order. In the meantime, to celebrate here are several previously unreleased & alternate stills from the film which we've been hanging onto for precisely this occasion...

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Jamie Bamber Returns to 'NCIS' February 10 + New Comikaze Expo Images

Wow, it's been a while since the last post. ;) There hasn't been a lot of news of enough import for a full post, TBH; other than the rest of the BSG Discussions with Tahmoh from Syfy Australia - and a REALLY great promo for the network. (seriously, go watch that...quick preview):


Not much else though until late this week, when we finally landed an airdate for Jamie's second episode of NCIS...and it's soon. The episode is entitled "Cadence" and it airs on February 10th at 8pm. Here's the episode synopsis:

“Cadence” – DiNozzo returns to the military academy he attended as a teenager after a murdered Marine and alumni of the school is found clutching the photo of a current student.  Also, Bishop and her husband invite Gibbs and the team out for a special dinner, on NCIS, Tuesday, Feb. 10 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

And don't forget, Rizzoli & Isles returns for the second half of his two-parter on 2/17. February's alright, innit?

Of course, the Tony flashback is the A-plot of NCIS so none of the network stills feature Jamie this time around. Bummer. Luckily for us, we won't leave you emptyhanded as a bunch of great images from November's panel at Comikaze Expo just turned up online. Love it when that happens. ;)

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(all images by and (c) Alberto Ortega)

(BTW If you missed the Comikaze panel link before, most of it is online now. Made me less cranky about having been working that morning & missed it :))
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BSG SyFy AU Conversations with Jamie Bamber & Tahmoh Penikett


Flyboy alert! SyFy Australia have just posted the first two videos from the sessions they recorded in Sydney during Jamie and Tahmoh Penikett's recent visit (this took place in between Supanova Adelaide and Brisbane).  They're pretty great, and should be the first of several on the way shortly. (No idea how many, or how soon they'll be released - the show makes its broadcast debuty in January, so we'll see!)

Watch both clips below!  (BTW, will probably just update this page with future clips so bookmark it or keep an eye on Twitter for updates. :)

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Jamie - Close Up - Starpollo
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Discussion Thread for NCIS Episode 12x09: "Grounded"


Hello All! It's finally here! Jamie's NCIS debut! I've heard this show's been around awhile and is kind of popular so I'm expecting good things, including Jamie gaining a few more fans. I've already told a friend of mine not familiar with Jamie to keep an eye on Bishop's husband. ;)

Please come back after the show and share your thoughts. As zegeekgirl mentioned earlier, Jamie is due back on the NCIS set soon to reprise his role and there may be some additional appearances after that so we are eager to read what you all think.

And there seems to be an NCIS/BSG trend on CBS tonight: Jamie's former co-star, Dean Stockwell, will be guest starring on NCIS: New Orleans. OK, CBS is promoting it as a Quantum Leap reunion with Scott Bakula, but, still! :)
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Jamie Bamber & Tahmoh Penikett @ Supanova Expo Adelaide


Jamie and Tahmoh Penikett at Supanova Expo Adelaide this past weekend, doing their very best impression of James Callis's face in the photo pictured. BOYS. (Thank you meshel73 for sharing!)

And there was Gollum. And a kangaroo. Because, of course there was. ;)


Of course, there's more from the con; no footage from the BSG panel yet, but we may get some soon; we'll toss up another post if/when that happens. (The guys are also headed to Brisbane this upcoming weekend, so there'll be more in the pipeline.)

The most fun bit so far the 360 Fan Cam, which SyFy hosted all weekend as part of their promo for BSG's 10 year anniversary and debut on SyFy Australia and in which several fans got to have their pix taken with the guys. We're going to direct you to see all of those HERE, because there are a hell of a lot; meanwhile, here are a couple of solo shots:

And the two entitled "Battle of Supanova" featuring the guys + Alan Tudyk, Manu Bennett, Victor Webster, Robert Knepper, Austin St. John & Walter Jones:

(TBH, this shot requires isolating all on its own. Apollo and Wash, what the HELL is going on here? XD)

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NCIS Ep. 12x09 "Grounded": Promo Stills featuring Jamie Bamber

Image © Michael Yarish/CBS

A couple of these surfaced earlier this week over at TVLine as an exclusive, which we tweeted (in between flailing about the glasses because O HAI there, Clark Kent of the NSA!)  Held off posting figuring that when episode stills were officially released there might be a few more. And there are. ;)

Folks, meet Jake....(more pics behind the cut)

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Also, here is the official episode synopsis:

  • “Grounded” – While stuck at the Dulles airport due to inclement weather, DiNozzo, Bishop and her husband Jake work an NCIS case involving an elevated terrorist threat at Northeast airports during the Thanksgiving travel surge, on NCIS, Tuesday, Nov. 25 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.  Jamie Bamber guest stars as Bishop’s husband, NSA Attorney Jake Malloy.

Reminder, the episode is set to air Tuesday, November 25th at 8pm on CBS; it also airs on GlobalTV in Canada at the same date and time.  UK folks, NCIS airs on FOX TV for you and the estimated ETA for Season 12 is January/February!
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'Before I Sleep' Trailer featuring Jamie Bamber + 'Rizzoli & Isles' Winter Return Date Announced

Hey, look at that! - the full trailer for Before I Sleep (formerly entitled Shakespeare's Daughter) is finally here, courtesy of distributor Indican Pictures!  And it's worth a look, if you can stay focused beyond the blinding glory that is THIS:

Screenshot (736)

Yeah, HELLO AGAIN, good sir. (⊙ ‿ ⊙)

In all seriousness, here's the trailer.... (Note that if you want to remain 100% unspoiled, this is going to give away a few key things so you've been warned...)
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Not 100% sure when we'll actually get to see the film; have heard tell that March 2015 is the intended release date (seems likely in limited run in the U.S. to start), but Indican doesn't have that posted on their website yet so we can't say for certain.  In the meantime, there's definitely enough here to speculate on so go ahead and do so in the comments!

(I'm not the only one who is anticipating this almost as much due to the fact that David Warner is a flipping legend, though... right?)

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Off topic, but for those who were wondering when we'd find out what happened to Bamber the Philandering Bridge-Jumper on Rizzoli & Isles ;) - the show's return & air date for the second half of his two-parter is Tuesday, February 17th!
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Post Weekend Update

It was kind of a busy weekend in Jamie related news. While nothing brand spanking new to report, Jamie made some public appearances over the past few days (which means we're treated to some new photos :) and we also have some updates about previously announced projects.

Earlier today, Jamie took part in BAFTA LA's inaugural Celebrity Golf Classic. Golf? LA? Any doubt he'd be there? ;)

BAFTA LA Golf Classic 1 BAFTA LA Golf Classic 3 BAFTA LA Golf Classic 2

Saturday and Sunday, Jamie appeared at the Stan Lee Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles along with his fellow BSG cast mates Edward James Olmos and Michael Trucco. You can check out the JBN Twitter feed for more photos, but here's my fave courtesy of the BSG Q&A moderator @JennaBusch.

Jenna Busch Comikaze Con Photo

The CW has released a first look promotional video for The Messengers. While Jamie does not appear in any of the footage, it gives you an idea of what the show will be about.

And, finally, mark your calendar! Jamie's NCIS episode will air on Tuesday, November 25th on CBS. Given the debut is only a few weeks away, we hope to have more information about his episode and, if CBS is smart, photos soon.
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Jamie Bamber Appearances at Supanova in Adelaide and Brisbane

JB Supanova SyFy

Supanova Fan Expo has announced that, in conjunction with SyFy, they are bringing Jamie and Tahmoh Penikett to Adelaide and Brisbane in November to celebrate ten years of Battlestar Galactica. You can get the full details, including ticket information, HERE and the specifics of Jamie's appearances at his guest page.

As always, Jamie's convention appearances are contingent on other commitments, but we're crossing our fingers for all you Aussie fans. :)
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Jamie Bamber Convention Appearance: Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo, Oct. 31 - Nov. 2


We tweeted this out earlier, but we finally have full details now - Jamie will be doing another convention appearance in two weeks, at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles!  Here's the run-down:

Jamie (And the vast majority of the guests) will be appearing on Saturday and Sunday at the con. Joining Jamie from the BSG cast will be Eddie Olmos and Michael Trucco. (Note: Kate Vernon is still listed on the Media Guests page, but not on the daily autograph schedule so she may have cancelled; also, Trucco will only be there Saturday per the daily sched.)

The big panel event is Saturday, 11am taking place on the Main Stage in the exhibit hall:

Cast members of the sci-fi reboot that changed television reunite ten years after the season premiere.
Participants: Edward James Olmos, Jamie Bamber, Michael Trucco

And here is Jamie's signing schedule:
Saturday November 1st: 10-10:45am, 12-1pm, 2-6pm
Sunday November 2nd: 10-11am, 11:30am-1pm, 2-4pm

NOTE: At the moment, the Autograph Schedules and Photo Schedules pages to go the same place, so it's possible that photo ops will be going on at the same time as signings. If anything changes, we'll run an update here.

Tickets available HERE for Comikaze Expo; $30 daily passes, $70 for the full three days. More info on the convention at the official website!