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A Jamie Bamber Fan Community

Welcome to Jamie Bamber News! This community is for updates on Jamie's current projects and appearances as well as discussion of his latest and greatest projects. Due to spam issues with Live Journal, only members may create posts and all anonymous comments are screened, but we do our best to unscreen legitimate comments as quickly as possible. But please don't let any of that keep you away from the fun! And if you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you can use those to comment as well.

We love just about anything Jamie related, but we do have a few rules to follow:

  • Embrace the cut tag! None of us like our Friends page to be overtaken by one post. If you are posting anything lengthy - pictures, icons, meta, or your essay explaining why ‘Ghost Rig’ is the best movie ever - put it behind a cut tag.

  • If Jamie makes mention of his private life or family in an interview, it’s fair to discuss, otherwise it will be deleted.

  • So everyone feels comfortable here, fic and manips are strictly forbidden.

  • Do not post your creative endeavors directly to the community. Provide a link to your own LJ, website, or wherever you normally post.

  • If you link to someone elses work, give credit where credit is due. Link to the website, online publication, or blog. And no hotlinking. People get testy when you steal their bandwidth.

  • NO SPOILER POSTS. There are plenty of places to discuss spoilers and I don't want people fearful of coming across anything here.(Addendum to this: Jamie may occasionally mention a spoiler in an interview. If you link to an interview that contains a spoiler, please include a spoiler warning. For example: “Great interview, but beware of spoilers on the last page.”

  • We all want to help others enjoy Jamie's work, but please do not request copies of copyrighted material. We don't want the community or anyone posting here to get in trouble.

  • Be Nice! Not only to each other, but to Jamie. It doesn't mean you can’t criticize, but please be polite about it.

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